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 Concussion Evaluation Reasons

Prevent patients suffering potentially life-long disabilities from undiagnosed brain injury. The deleterious effects of concussion or mTBI can be physical, cognitive, emotional and/or evidenced as sleep disorders. This can affect work and school performance, relationships, earning ability, marriages, children and much more. It can often result in drug dependency, depression, even suicide.








Post-concussive syndrome is, according to the definitions of Willer and Leddy  (at UB),  “persistent symptoms of concussion past the period when the individual should have recovered (3 weeks)”. According to them, post-concussive syndrome “qualifies as mTBI.”

Help ensure appropriate Personal Injury case settlement in order to cover what could be significant Post-concussion Syndrome related future medical and rehabilitation costs.

Confidently guide appropriate, cost-effective and efficacious care plans by understanding a patient's brain injury and resultant physical and/or emotional deficits.


Help justify medical necessity to insurance carriers for treatment that exceeds norms for typical trauma diagnoses and help document possible reason(s) for less than optimal outcomes.


Proper evaluation can demonstrate the need for substantial in-office and home-based active care/rehabilitation exercise programs that can include biofeedback and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


Proper evaluation can help medically justify specialist referral.

Clinic profit opportunity based on medical necessity.

Become an EEG "Referral Hub" for professionals in your area.

Participate in Concussion Research Project.

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