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According to the Mayo Clinic EEG may also play a role in diagnosing head injury and other brain disorders.

EEG has several benefits compared to other imaging techniques or pure behavioral observations.


COGNISION® EEG also uses FDA cleared Event Related Potential (ERP) and Quantitative EEG (QEEG) technology to examine the functionality of the brain.

Reduces the “practice effects”* phenomenon often seen with multiple testing.


Reimbursable using standard EEG CPT codes.

Assesses connections between various brain regions.


EEG ERP can detect TBI many years after the injury.

An NIH published study suggests that despite excellent behavioral recovery, subtle information processing deficits involving attention nevertheless may persist long after the original injury and may not be apparent on a variety of standard psychometric measures.

*"Practice effects" refer to gains in scores on cognitive tests that occur when a person is retested on the same instrument, or tested more than once on very similar ones.

The COGNISION® System Solution

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