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PI Expert Institute Benefits

  • More NEW cases settled for consistently higher amounts

  • Helps the public be prepared before an accident happens

  • Physician marketing and software for a cost-effective monthly fee

  • Injury victims provided a network of highly trained and skilled doctors

  • Attorneys easily submit timely and compliant Demand Letters through Demand On Line© establishing the maximum adjuster settlement authority - currently used by thousands of attorneys

  • Access to exclusive marketing app and insurance industry compliant case management software

  • Insurance companies save time, effort and money. Inputting a PI Expert Institute client can often take an adjuster only 30 minutes not the usual 3-5 hours or longer

  • Demand Letters created in minutes not hours or days with Medical Reports, Chart Notes, Specialist Reports, Diagnostic Reports, and other pertinent data transferred instantly between our client doctors & client attorneys via secure proprietary portal

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