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Brief History of EEG

The electroencephalogram (EEG) has been in use to measure electric activity in the human brain for over 90 years. Since the first reading was performed by German physiologist and psychiatrist Hans Berger, doctors and scientists have learned to use EEG measurements to diagnose various medical conditions from minor trauma brain injury to epilepsy. 

Is the COGNISION® System EEG FDA cleared?


How big and cumbersome is the COGNISION® System?

It's about the size of an iPhone. A lot of powerful miniaturized technology.

What is ERP?

ERP is Event Related Potential.  An event-related potential is the measured brain response that is the direct result of a specific sensory, cognitive, or motor event. ERPs are measured by EEG. It measures brain activity time-locked to a specific event during the EEG for better identification of injury. More often than not, concussion is micro trauma resulting from stretched neurons and chemical changes not evidenced on CT or MRI.


Can COGNISION® System be used for QEEG?


Yes. Cognision System incorporates FDA cleared technology that will allow data to be used for QEEG to help evaluate brain function.

Does COGNISION® System diagnose concussion or mTBI?

Cognision System is part of a protocol using strict medical necessity guidelines to help establish an Altered Mental Status diagnosis which can include concussion or mTBI when prior history, psychological factors, exam findings, complicating factors, etc., are all considered by the physician. See "EEG Medical Necessity".​

Can't I do the same thing with a simple Quantitative EEG (QEEG) device?

QEEG's immediately interpret data using computer software algorithms based on comparing EEG findings to a normative database. However, this process omits one critical step; interpretation of the data by a trained neurologist or neurophysiologist. Because of this omission, QEEG cannot be billed using CPT codes for EEG. Also, QEEG is not recommended for use in civil or criminal judicial proceedings. (Strong Class III evidence, Type E recommendation)

So, I need an EEG interpreted by a neurologist/neurophysiologist along with the QEEG in order to bill EEG CPT codes or rely on the reports in a med legal setting?


Who performs the Professional Component (PC) or the EEG/ERP "reads"?

MaDPI itaself does not perform the PC or "reads" of the EEG/ERP. Some MaDPI clients may want to keep the EEG/ERP PC within their practices. Other doctors have long-time relationships with medical experts they highly trust and choose to have them perform the reads. For clients that want to include the read into the PI EEG/ERP test package cost we can recommend an expert neurologist to perform the reads for a very reasonable fee. 

Is COGNISION® EEG/ERP easy to use or require any specialized training?

It is easy to use and through proprietary software wirelessly connects to your desktop or laptop. It requires no highly specialized training or credentialed technician. Training of designated staff can be done on line very easily.

Can it be a profit center for my clinic?

Absolutely. See the "Business of EEG" for cost, billing and potential profit information, etc.

I have absolutely no experience interpreting EEG results so what do I do?

For the QEEG report, Cognision experts will provide on line educational webinars so doctors can learn how to easily and accurately communicate results to patients. The EEG report from the neurologist will also be in an easy-to-understand format. Should a doctor prefer their own interpretation expert, Cognision will train and allow cloud access to the neurologists or neurophysiologistst they chose.

Will Medicare and other insurances pay for it?

​Yes. But Medicare will pay only when used by an MD or DO. See "Business of EEG".

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