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Dispose of Deposition "Fear"

​Many doctors avoid helping accident victims because of their "fear" of deposition or worse yet, testifying in court. Deposition and court testimony are nothing more than an insurance company attorneys' exploratory Q & A typically brought about because a case is not "making sense" to an adjuster and/or their software algorithms. The good news is depositions pay the doctor $250 to $750+ per hour with usually a 2 hour minimum. Depositions can actually be fun and profitable for doctors that are prepared or they can be a frightening experience, with good reason, for the unprepared. One way to help prevent depositions is compliance. Perhaps the best approach to ensuring a successful deposition is to be able to have a complete understanding of the case from your chart notes and records often years after treating the patient so you can explain your findings, thought processes and decision-making in a clear, concise and medically justifiable manner. This preparation actually begins on the first patient encounter and never stops. Mathis software can help you be prepared to have "fun" and profit with depositions so you can accept more PI cases.

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