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"Thanks for your help on this one!  This was a great recovery and your test proved instrumental.


I am fine with your sharing this info for marketing purposes.  A great result that relied on your test!"


James (Buddy) Lloyd II, Esq.

Lloyd & Lloyd Lawyers

200 North Roosevelt

Sand Springs, OK 74063


918.246.0200 (phone)

918.246.0203 (fax)

"I recently worked a case which just tendered policy limits of $1 mill pre-litigation on less than $100K in medicals, and the Cognision that you performed was the only objective evidence of TBI we obtained in the case. There were other value drivers involved, but the TBI was a major piece and the Cognision solidified that portion of the claim.


I thought this might be a nice anecdote to share while marketing the Cognision system.

Warm Regards,



Medicolegal Consultant with R.O.E.

(281) 674-7174

For any assistance when starting Cognision System EEG/ERP testing please contact their Customer Support team at 502-561-9040 ext. 2.

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