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Starting COGNISION® System

Congratulation on ordering your COGNISION® System!


You are probably wondering what to do next.


Here's what we recommend:

1) Email Dr Donna Meeks at that you ordered your COGNISION® System EEG/ERP.


2) COGNISION® will send you a form to complete that has enrollment information, software agreement and computer specifications, etc. It will take about 4-6 weeks to receive your unit. 

3) In the interim we ask that you become very familiar with concussion and Cognision information posted on so on line training can be smooth and efficient.

4) Download and read the Rivermead Questionnaire and print one out. 

5) Make copies of page 1 only and give either Questionnaire to your trauma patients with open cases, even if MMI. You might want to email or mail it to patients or their attorneys whom you have not seen in a while with a short note explaining it is potentially a very important case follow up.

6) After about a week you should get an indication of how many potential concussion or mTBI cases are in your practice.

7) We will schedule our first of two on line training sessions. The first deals with medical necessity and general TBI education, plan on about an hour. We recommend doctor and staff particiapate. The second on line training includes COGNISION® System equipment use. Plan on about 2 hours.

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