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Powerful Solutions From Our Team

The PI Expert Institute powered by MaDPI is a powerful collaboration of 5 successful, unique and synergistic health care focused participants including H3 Consulting, Accident Solutions, CBIS, MF University and James Mathis’ Sequoia Visions, Inc. These groups are highly skilled in evidence based medicine, innovative marketing, app design, programming, training & educational webinars, ICD-10, work comp and PI case management as well as PI case value optimization. MaDPI works to provide comprehensive, winning solutions for the often challenging med-legal world.

2 Questions That Should be Asked


► Why should a doctor buy a medical software system for maximizing PI settlement when the they lack PI cases?

► Why should a doctor buy PI marketing to attract PI cases when they cannot optimize outcomes?


Our Answer

►They should do neither, if they don't do both!

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