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Mr. James Mathis

"One thought, in the last ten years and even more noticeably over the last three years, insurers have been really decreasing the settlement amounts.  However, my customers have been averaging between 3 and 5 times the market rate for settlements.” 

Insurance Insider Expert

Mr. James Mathis has extensive professional experience in the Insurance Industry having held management positions with Allstate and Farmers Insurance and continues ongoing review of insurance procedures, processes, literature and claim files in his capacity as a consultant.


Mr. Mathis has dedicated the last 25 years to personally training doctors and attorneys how to expertly manage PI cases to maximize settlement whenever possible.

As owner of Sequoia Visions, Inc., Mathis Insurance Consulting, Inc.,
National Claim Services, Inc., and S.A.C., Inc. Mr. Mathis has designed and created innovative software for the legal and medical communities to address the on going changes and compliance demands of the insurance industry.

Mr. Mathis is an expert in Claim Practices, Evaluation and Negotiation, Medical Claim Documentation and Presentation, as well as General Claim Processing and Handling with specific knowledge of Insurance Industry processes, procedures, manuals, memos, literature, claim handling practices, advertisements, electronic systems, computer maintained data, computer retrieval reporting, personnel guides, training guides and literature.

James Mathis is an expert witness in all 50 states and consultant for trial defenses and discovery preparation with extensive experience in discovery process’ for bad faith, extra-contractual, breach of contract and consumer violation lawsuits.

Mr. Mathis is a much sought after guest lecturer for Legal and Medical Associations nationwide.

James Mathis Latest Text

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