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Medical Resource Services (M.R.S.)

Physician PI Services

- Review entire PI file(s) to create Supplemental CMS 1500

- Provide file supported potential diagnoses recommendations

- Complete MRES Medical Records Summary (Intake/Discharge form)

Medical Billing Services

- Supplemental HCFA's with capability of multiple diagnosing

- Electronic billing

- Input of patient charges

- Weekly billing of all charges

- Monthly reports with charges billed and insurance payment totals

Attorney PI Services

- Review of all medical records

- Creation of HCFA's and Supplemental CMS 1500

- Completion of MRES Intake/Discharge form

- Input of Demand Online for your office to complete the Demand Letter




     * Training Doctors for Medical Suites (MRES) software

     * Training Attorneys for Demand Online software


Contact Sandra at Medical Resource Services 661.363.3933

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