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Chiropractors will be involved in treating 87% of all PI cases. Yet, there are many reasons why DC managed PI cases can be worth a lot less at settlement time. MaDPI can teach you the secrets to making them worth a lot more, legitimately.  It's usually nothing  personal that adjusters have against Chiropractors, it's just insurance industry software.

FIVE Indisputable Reasons why Chiropractic PI cases can have less settlement value:

1) Incomplete Demand Letters sent at the wrong time with improper MMI descriptions

2) Incorrect (low) Adjuster Settlement Authority Level established

3) Lack of Medical Validation resulting in only 4 value drivers accepted (out of 10,720)

4) Impairment Rating not accepted

5) Incomplete or inaccurate diagnoses leading to missed and /or rejected care and lower settlement


...and there's even more reasons we share with our clients.

Fortunately, our members through the genius of insurance industry expert Mr. James Mathis can overcome these challenges and win!

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