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Anne Gelvin - Marketing Expert

  • Established national leader for over 25 years in the PI & WC marketing industry

  • Expert in nationwide direct-response advertising campaigns

  • 25 years experience connecting chiropractors and attorneys to consumers for med legal services nationwide

  • —Owned a successful California WC marketing company for 10 years

  • TV infomercial producer

  • Created Crash-n-Click apps with CBIS' David James

  • —Former VP for Primex Talking Yellow Pages

David James - Software, Finance & App Expert


  • Founder and owner of CBIS

  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Database Systems

  • Expertise includes Software Engineering, Databases, Network   Engineering, Business and Project Management

  • 30 years extensive IT experience and developing systems for marketing to and for chiropractors and attorneys nationwide

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