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Every business now needs a mobile App just like every business needs a computer and  a website.  It's simply how business is done in the 21st century.  Every time an accident occurs the Auto Accident App can help connect  accident victims with quality doctors and attorneys, right from the accident scene.




The Auto Accident App provides accident victims with fast convenient access to accident related services in their area. Enrolling as a member ensures that our application will recommend YOU to accident victims seeking your services in your community.

The app provides the user with your biography and services description as well as the option to contact doctors and attorneys offices directly. Users are able to record details of the accident and forward a report to these service provders directly from the scene of the accident using our app on their smartphone. They can also save pictures, video, witness statement and other information gathered from the accident scene and upload later to develop an accident report, direct from the app.

Additionally, Auto Accident App promotes your business by harnessing the synergies that exist between traditional marketing, the internet and mobile technologies all designed to cost effectively grow your business.

Enroll now by clicking the Auto Accident App button above to see if Membership is available in your area and auto accident related industry.


If your auto accident related industry is not listed, contact us at 888-221-2131 to find out how to add your industry to the app listing.

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