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Special Invitation from Mr. James Mathis

The opportunity to inundate your office with new Personal Injury clients is now here. You can stop wasting marketing money on antiquated methods that don't return patients, clients and revenue!


James Mathis and his MaDPI Injury Pros Directory, along with Legal Med Resources SE, LLC (LMR) have partnered with a national provider of emergency services with approximately 10 million members generating nearly one million potential Personal Injury cases per year.


LMR will connect injury victims with doctors and attorneys that originate from this national emergency service provider in the area(s) purchased.*

LMR has chosen to work exclusively with Mr. Mathis’ network of attorneys and doctors. The number of professional members in any area will be limited, so the opportunity for members is tremendous but will go fast. 


A valuable part of the LMR service includes personal contact with the injury victims to gather details about the case such as liability, insurance verification, car damage, etc. This saves members tremendous time, frustration and money. This data will be electronically sent to members along with pertinent new patient information. Save time, money and resources investigating and/or treating cases that you probably won't be paid for.​

Another valuable member benefit is being listed on Mr. Mathis' new Assist My Claim so the general public can find a doctor and/or attorney experienced with James Mathis' program.


Call, text, email or complete the Contact Box below NOW  to secure your area membership and receive these valuable gifts:

·  9 Mathis Training Webinar Videos ($792 value)

·  $500 Discount on Mathis Reno 2-Day Advanced Colossus Certification Seminar

·  Free PowerPoint of Mathis Reno 2-Day Advanced Colossus Certification Seminar ($500 value)

·  Free 600 page Mathis Reno 2-Day Advanced Colossus Certification Seminar Booklet ($500 value)


·  Mathis Special PI Handouts to help increase settlement value ($49 value)

·  MACRA Ortho Handbook – Learn 3 easy and valuable steps to begin MACRA in your office

        Report outcome measures correctly to insure highest Medicare payment

        MACRA is likely the future basis for all reimbursement ($99 value)

·  $250 IPD Programming Fee waived


Enjoy Thousands of Dollars in Additional Value

Toll Free: (800) 610-6430      


Call or Text: (661) 209-2782  


Email:  or



 *Check with legal counsel, appropriate state agencies and licensing boards

Thanks! Message sent.

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