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Be the FIRST CHOICE of Accident Victims


Join the PI Expert Institute powered by MaDPI.


MaDPI provides a unique set of services and products to help market and connect Mathis trained doctors and attorneys, so they can achieve the maximum settlement and optimal case outcomes for their clients/patients.

One mission of the PI Expert Institute is to help injured victims get superior case outcomes by helping to connect them to Mathis trained Doctors and Attorneys.


​However, accident victims don't just need doctors and attorneys. Tow services, car rental agencies, body shops, etc. are all valued services that few people ever consider until there is an accident. 


Increase you business.  Increase your profits. Be there for them automatically through MaDPI's Crash-n-Click app.






For more information please complete the Contact form below. We will contact you and set up a time to discuss what our solutions can do for you.

In the "Subject" line tell us what kind of business you have; e.g. doctor, chiropractor, attorney, body shop, towing service, etc.

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