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MaDPI in Collaboration with CBIS Presents its Proven Successful Digital Marketing & Reputation Management Programs


"Would you like to see a daily negative newspaper article or TV commercial about you, your staff or clinic? That is exactly what many professionals essentially allow. I recommend investing about $8 a day to protect your valuable practice goodwill and significant marketing investment as you help it grow using inexpensive 21st century technology." - David Holmes, DC


"Because computers, the internet and social media are here to stay, as a professional you must have a digital marketing program and reputation protection plan." - David James, MSCS, Digital Marketing Expert


"I am excited to let you know that we have acquired some amazing new tools to effectively market your business on the internet. In addition to our organic website SEO efforts, we have added Presence Builder, Listing Distribution, Social Marketing and Reputation Management tools. These tools ensure that your business is visible on the web, that customers can find you easily through any online directory service or vehicle navigation system, that you can promote your message on social media so you will know what people are saying about you anywhere on the web. Finally, we work with you to manage the entire process so you can minimize the amount of time that you will have to take from your work to perform marketing activities." - David James, MSCS, Digital Marketing Expert


MaDPI has partnered with CBIS to help your business grow its client fan base on social media, find real-time leads, and share relevant content across all social channels:


  • Instantly and directly communicate with potential patients/clients when they discuss their accidents, injuries, back pain, headaches, and/or doctors, etc. on all social media platforms from a single dashboard

  • Currently used by hundreds of businesses

  • —Highly targeted message

  • —Time-of-need presentation

  • —Cost-Effective results - no wasting money on "per click" fees

  • —Valuable data capture and back-end analytics

  • And much more! Please see our Digital Marketing Videos






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