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Medicare Chronic Care Management Solution

Improve Patient Care & Increase Practice Revenue

With just one phone call or email MaDPI can introduce you to experts who can perform all your Medicare recommended Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services with their proven, compliant, turn-key, highly profitable solutions.

Medicare is strongly encouraging physicians to perform Chronic Care Management by contacting patients who have two or more chronic conditions every month to monitor and manage their chronic health issues so they do not spiral out of control and quickly become a much more expensive crises.

This includes revenue-enhancing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) when necessary. RPM can be offered to patients with just one diagnosis.

Many well-meaning physicians have attempted this process themselves by investing in software and staff, only to be overwhelmed with call volume, documentation demands and strict Medicare billing requirements.

Medicare estimates about 30 million seniors need this service. A just released study showed CCM is saving Medicare almost $1000 per enrollee per year even after paying physicians about $42 for each compliant CCM phone call that the experts make on behalf of your practice every month.

CCM is a proven Medicare cost-saving program, but because it requires the physician to invest time, training, money and staff to make a 20-minute call with detailed documentation to what can be thousands of their Medicare patients every month it is not being used nearly as much as Medicare would like.

That's where we come in.


Let experts do most of the work so you enjoy increased bottom-line cash flow.


  1. Healthier patients resulting from increased communication between appointments

  2. Medicare saves money and patients appreciate your caring follow-up

  3. Proven practice building tool scheduling more patient visits, including higher reimbursable Transition of Care, Annual Wellness Visits, Advanced Care Plans, etc.

  4. 24/7 personalized clinical hotline for each practice

  5. Improved patient outcomes, MACRA & MIPS scores and Medicare reimbursement

  6. Increased practice revenue from CCM, Transition of Care, and additional office visits

  7. Increase NET profitability by bringing significant additional revenue into your organization

  8. Educate patients about CCM with posters, brochures & hotline business cards


Contact: call or text David Holmes 559-430-7890  email:                 



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