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Fast Funding is

If you know any MRI facilities, Physical therapy pain management or Ortho groups with large PI (PI preferred) or WC AR who may need up front cash let me know, this company pays our within 48 to 72 hours and we can get  a referral fee within that time. Here is the overall info below:


"The value in our product is that it allows providers to monetize their A/R while they are waiting for settlements on their personal injury and workers compensation A/R by allowing them to create working capital without the need to sell their receivables, thereby losing all of the upside.

Additionally, by having predictability of revenue through the advance model and capital far in excess of what’s paid by major medical or even workers compensation, it allows providers to increase their personal injury practice without the risk of decreasing their cash flow. In fact, it will increase their cash flow. 

By way of example, if a provider has 1 million dollars of A/R in gross, we can advance 200,000 dollars on it, with a 2 year window in which to pay it back out of the settlement of that 1 million dollars of A/R. Our repayment under that scenario would be a total of $320,000 dollars, inclusive of the $200,000 dollar advance, thereby leaving the lions share of the A/R, an additional $680,000 dollars to be solely collected by the provider for his or her benefit without any participation on our behalf.

Additionally, under the advance model, we deal directly and exclusively with the provider. We have no contact with the patient or the attorney. We do not settle the cases, notify the attorneys of the advance or have any other contact except with the provider. We are invisible. In doing so, we alleviate the risk of a funding company damaging the relationship between the provider and the attorney."

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