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Consistently Generate More PI Cases


Crash-n-Click App

Know your loved ones are safe with Crash-n-Click 

Crash-n-Click (CnC) is a free consumer app downloaded and completed with pertinent information and decision-making BEFORE an accident even occurs. In the unfortunate event an accident does actually happen injury victims are prepared to protect their interests by competently managing what is often a contentious, confusing and traumatic accident scene. Crash-n-Click guides victims in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow manner through the many accident scene information-gathering challenges, completes the reporting requirements and with just the push of a button can immediately direct-connect or call center-connect accident victims with a highly trained MaDPI member doctor. CnC will also connect to other ancillary business services often needed during and immediately after an accident such as tow companies, Uber, rental cars, even family members, etc. CnC differs from insurance company free apps because it is specifically designed to help protect the immediate and long-term interests of the injured party. Crash-n-Click (formerly Accident Solutions) remains the #2 accident app on Google Play Apps with a 4/5 rating. 

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