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Try the WellnessPro Plus Risk-Free for 30 Days

The WellnessPro Plus comes with a 30-day money back guarantee as our promise to you.


Try this amazing electrotherapy device in your practice with absolutely no risk for one month.  If you or your patients aren’t 100% satisfied  with the results, we’ll work with your local representative to fully refund the purchase price, minus a small restocking fee.


Thanks to our amazing money-back guarantee, the only thing you have to lose by trying  the WellnessPro Plus is pain!

Backed By Science, Research, and Today’s Experts

Decades of research and development were spent creating (and perfecting) the WellnessPro Plus.


It is specifically built for precise electrotherapy treatments to treat muscle pain, injuries, and connective tissue problems with the simple push of a button.


The WellnessPro Plus offers the largest frequency range of any TENS device in its class, which means it can treat the largest number of ailments and injuries. And because the WellnessPro Plus features a unique, “future-ready” modular design, it’s the only electrotherapy device you’ll ever need to buy.


What’s “Future-Ready”?


The WellnessPro Plus was specifically designed to be adaptable to new therapies and new devices. This allows us to incorporate new treatment options without requiring you to buy a new base device. Existing connections will allow your WellnessPro Plus to adapt and continue to deliver relief.


Unlike your smartphone, all the systems designed by ElectroMedical are meant to last for years and years. We want you to have one device that treats your patients’ pain today and long past tomorrow.

Electrotherapy Wellness Stories


Real People. Real Relief.

Our greatest joy is to hear how our WellnessPro Plus is helping people enjoy pain-free lives.  It's simple enough for in-home use yet engineered to clinical standards for healthcare practitioners. WellnessPro has become one of the most popular bioelectronic therapy solutions in the world thanks largely to word of mouth.

The most honest look we can provide into how WellnessPro Plus improves lives comes from the people and physicians who use our wellness solutions.  Please watch powerful WellnessPro  Plus testimonial videos.

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