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  • Increase NEW Personal Injury Cases

  • Improve Settlements

  • Increase Revenue & Referrals

  • Expert PI Case Management Software

  • Funding for Stable & Consistent Cash Flow  

  • Insurance Industry Compliance Success Secrets

  • Create Highly Effective Demand Letters

  • Cutting-Edge Concussion Diagnostics and Much More

Helping Doctors, Attorneys and Accident Injury Victims

The Insurance Expert who intimately knows the software used to cut your claim is here.
He knows all the ways to help stop denial of appropriate care, end shrinking awards and avoid being targeted by carriers.

The PI Expert Institute provides valuable services to doctors, attorneys and victims of accidental injury. Several of our products help doctors and attorneys be compliant with the 86 different software programs currently in use by the insurance industry. These programs determine reasonable treatment charges and the monetary value of PI cases based on 10,720 value drivers, 17,000 severity drivers and 1,600 claim practices and procedures programs. This is accomplished through proprietary software developed by Mr. James Mathis.  Mr. Mathis has proven for over 25 years that knowledgeable, skilled attorneys working with highly trained, competent doctors can achieve greatly improved settlement success.

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